Thursday, May 23, 2024
Social Security and Personal History Checks

Instant Pre-employment
Social Security Number Validation

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This service verifies the legitimacy of the applicant's Social Security number. It’s quick, inexpensive, and a good first check before performing other screens.

Utilizing a weekly updated database, this service verifies:

  • The Social Security number is valid
  • The year in which it was assigned
  • The state in which it originated

The Social Security Administration will onlySSN Check verify the number matches your candidate after the person is employed – a service provided by our Post-Employment Social Security Number Verification.

Features and Benefits

This service provides a quick, easy step before requesting a full range of services. By catching numbers that are invalid or possibly invalid, you get a low-cost means of spotting an applicant for whom you wish to do more detailed research -  whether that be the user entering the wrong number or the applicant providing a wrong number – before you select your usual, full range of services.

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