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Checking references and verifying work histories and other credentials is essential in assessing the applicant’s job fit and whether the application contains any lies or omissions.

Reluctant references and other obstacles to thorough checks often frustrate employers. Validex can resolve those frustrations thanks to our experienced interviewers/investigators and our proprietary workflow technology that manages the process.

Validex offers services to assist employers in both spotting a candidate who is a good fit for a position and screening out those who are not a fit.

We simplify and streamline the process of obtaining this picture. Our service and software controls ensure that the result is thorough and accurate.
Validex complies with the three fundamental requirements of the Fair Credit Reporting Act as follows:

  • Strict Procedures. Staff are thoroughly trained in the exact means of clarifying vague contact information, clearly identifying that the correct sources have been reached, dealing with reluctant references and following the correct interview agenda completely and precisely. Many of these procedures are enforced by our proprietary workflow software.
  • Maximum Possible Accuracy (MPA). Competitors typically make a handful of calls and report whatever that provides. Not us. We keep digging until your references are checked.
  • Best Possible Source. We maintain extensive records of the best source for verifications with educational institutions and major employers, and we always use those. For references, we always use the listed contact, not a convenient alternate.

Some key values that we add to our service delivery:

  • Best Value Analysis. Validex Account Executives and other managers have the expertise to consult with you to ensure that you use the types of services that best fit your employment policies, job types and hiring pool.
  • Individualized Customer Service. Your Customer Service Manager is always available to discuss a report or to conduct further investigations.
contactPartner with the Experts - Contact a Validex Account Executive for details on how our Best Value Analysis, tailored to your organization, can add value to your hiring program.