Friday, February 23, 2024
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The Validex Mechanisms for You and for Us

Staying in compliance must be a nonstop priority when you use a screening vendor. Validex has spent years refining business practices and technology that make it easy for you to achieve compliance.

We Keep You Informed

Compliance has always been a moving target—and always will be. The rules change regularly, and when they do Validex will keep you informed. We use several approaches to achieve this, but some of the most important revolve around your Validex Customer Service Manager, your single point of contact. The CSM’s knowledge of your account allows the CSM to point out relevant compliance concerns and ensures that we notify the most appropriate person in your organization.

Most compliance issues raised by clients relate to their unique business concerns. The CSM often answers these questions. In addition, the CSM can turn to Validex’s in-house counsel on compliance matters and discusses solutions with the client.

For clients wanting to read in-depth articles on compliance, our Web site is a convenient resource. The Validex general counsel produces these educational features based on trends, changes in laws, and court cases.

Our compliance mechanisms take into consideration many laws and regulations.