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Criminal & Civil Histories


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Verifying an applicant’s criminal history is often critical to ensuring a safe workplace and protecting the organization from claims of negligent hiring. Our Criminal & Civil Histories suite of services assist you in doing just that while complying with the three fundamental requirements of the Fair Credit Reporting Act as follows:

  • Strict Procedures. Our staff is thoroughly trained in our detailed policies for retrieving and reporting criminal histories, such as limitations on reporting arrest records. Our proprietary technology enforces these policies on every report. For example, our workflow software releases a report only after it has been reviewed by two staff members.
  • Maximum Possible Accuracy (MPA). Our MPA standard contains dozens of rules to ensure accuracy. Many of these standards are enforced by our software. For example, because it is essential that the applicant be fully and accurately identified before being checked, the software initiates the searches only after the identity is fully qualified.
  • Best Possible Source. We research every source before we use it. For a County Criminal History, our Field Agents traditionally have gone to the courthouse to retrieve records. In an increasing number of counties, we retrieve records via Web or dial-up access. This speeds our turnaround times, but accuracy is always the priority. We use whatever method is shown by our research to be the most accurate.

Some key values that we add to our service delivery:

  • Best Value Analysis. Our consultation helps you make fully informed decisions about the type of service to use and the scope of locations to check. One industry-standard method for expanding the search is to perform a Former Residence Trace. This builds a history of residence and work locations that can be checked for criminal histories. Employers have many other options as well, based on their locations, hiring pool and other considerations.
  • Individualized Customer Service. A criminal history report can raise many questions, and your Customer Service Manager is trained to provide authoritative answers to questions about legal jargon or records that merit more investigation.
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