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Social Security and Personal History Checks


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The Validex Social Security & Personal History Checks suite of services help to confirm the identity and financial activity of your applicants and employees.

Our Social Security number services reduce the chance that you have an incorrect Social Security number and improve the chance that all of your background screenings are based on the right identity.

Validex offers:

The three pre-employment services comprise what employers have in mind when they ask for “a Social Security trace,” a term that is widely used but has no one standard meaning.  Some employers want a “trace” to confirm an applicant’s residential history. The Former Residence Trace uses a database that is proven to be more valuable than credit headers because it returns a broader scope of results.

Validex complies with the three fundamental requirements of the Fair Credit Reporting Act as follows:

  • Strict Procedures. We consult with our clients to ensure that the Social Security number is checked in compliance with the regulations of the Social Security Administration.
  • Maximum Possible Accuracy (MPA). Our technology enforces the collection of identifying information that each reporting source requires.
  • Best Possible Source. For post-hire situations, we use the Social Security Administration (SSA), the ultimate repository of this data. For pre-hire applicants, we comply with the SSA’s rules by using an independent vendor of data on Social Security numbers. We have researched the vendor’s accuracy and found them to be the Best Possible Source.

Some key values that we add to our service delivery:

  • Best Value Analysis. These services each have a point in the screening and hiring processes where they offer the Best Value. A Validex Account Executive can consult with you on your screening goals and identify that fit.
  • Individualized Customer Service. Your Customer Service Manager is prepared to help you understand how to proceed if one of these services raises questions about the identity of your applicant or employee. This may be as simple as asking the individual to correct the Social Security number provided, or it may involve conducting other screens.
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