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Personal Reference

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As with the Employment Reference, the Personal Reference provides points of view that you cannot get from interviewing the applicant. The Personal Reference provides more information than the Employment Reference in situations where the applicant has a limited work history.

Personal ReferenceThis service involves interviewing people with firsthand knowledge of the applicant’s character, experience, and skills. The person may be a friend, relative, or community acquaintance. These sources usually lack firsthand knowledge of the applicant’s work skills but can describe other qualities of the applicant.

Note: Validex encourages you to select personal references who are not close family members or others who are most likely to offer only positive descriptions of the applicant.

Features and Benefits

  • Increases the likelihood of obtaining information on young or inexperienced applicants who may not have coworkers to list for an Employment Reference.
  • Can be useful when an applicant has worked in the last job for many years and so has very few employment references.
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