Monday, July 22, 2024
Switch to Validex
  1. The Customer Service Manager (CSM) dedicated to your account is an expert in the Validex technologies and is always readily available to consult with you on how we can enhance your screening experience or develop better ways to serve your needs.
  2. Your CSM is always available to collaborate on customizing our technologies to fit your unique needs. In many cases, such collaboration has resulted in creating entire new productivity modules in Our Hire-No Hire tool began as a project for one client who wanted to track how screening results impact each hiring location's decisions. Because we developed our workflow technology entirely in-house, we can always offer the capability of customizing our technology with relative ease. Competitors who bought off-the-shelf software packages do not have such capabilities.
  3. The CSM plays a key role that can never be automated: clarifying and following up on the occasional court record or other data that may leave you with questions. When you call or email your CSM, he or she responds to your specific need. No technology can do that.

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Leading Edge Technology

The screening industry has thrived on automating data collection and reporting. Validex joined early in this trend, driving down prices and turnaround times that make high-volume transactions a routine reality. However, over the years Validex parted paths with our competitors, who use automation to reduce the staff in their service mix. As a result, their customers found it harder and harder to obtain help. Today, our Customer Service Group stands at the heart of our client satisfaction programs.