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Industry Solutions


This customer is a major provider of hospital and related healthcare services and has a top priority of managing hiring compliance and regulations pertaining to screening staff. Validex business with this client has expanded due to our laser focus on quality and ability to deliver customized services. Validex provides this client with a customized Employment Reference service designed to obtain the maximum possible number of references. Our investigators ask a series of questions, designed with customer input, in order to maximize reference results. We go above and beyond the industry standard regarding employment references, making calls until we retrieve a performance evaluation or until we acquire a specific, retraceable reason why it was not done. We regularly collaborate with the recruiting management team to review performance metrics and to discuss continuous improvement initiatives.

Customer Services

This client is a leading provider of customer relationship services and marketing products with call centers and other hiring locations nationwide. Validex provides many different background screening services to this client including criminal checks, credit history checks and employment verifications. We have helped improve their process for screening the employees at large call centers across the nation. We have provided extensive customized support as they have rolled out new call centers using a tiered approach to service delivery based on management level and other requirements. Finally, we routinely train new HR users at no cost to the client.



Validex has been serving this rapidly growing regional staffing company since our early days in the industry. With clients including two Fortune 100 corporations and a Top 5-ranked hospital, it has hiring locations nationwide. Validex has evolved its technology and service model to support the client as it has confronted an increasingly complex array of screening requirements by its own clients. We have added automation tools, such as our XML Easy Plug-in, that significantly reduces turnaround times, and we have developed our Maximum Possible Accuracy standard to ensure FCRA compliance. These unique Validex tools provide flexibility and customizability to clients in all industries. We have customized billing, developed custom packages of services, and provided on-site drug testing.

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Validex consults with our clients to determine the suite of services that help them meet their initiatives and business requirements. We have accumulated a great deal of experience working with employers in certain industries, and have developed customized programs and deliverables that reduce background screening turnaround times, improve accuracy, and lower costs. We educate our clients about the complex Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), and help them develop policies to ensure and maintain compliance.

Transportation and Logistics

A Fortune 500 provider of industrial logistics services that span North America has been a valued customer partner for nearly a decade. They hire thousands of employees per year after a rigorous and thorough screening process.

Validex meets its needs for high-volume processing at hiring locations that have dramatically varied screening policies dictated by its own clients. Some locations do very standard, thorough checks; others enforce highly complex checks. This client has benefited from our unique, dedicated customer service model. One of our Customer Service Managers spent weeks helping them clarify their client requirement for checking courthouses in “contiguous counties.” Furthermore, we support the client by providing customized management reports that verify our agreed upon service metrics. As they have grown rapidly, we have helped them smoothly open new hiring locations, and have supported them strategically by helping them deal with mergers and acquisitions.


Validex has been providing a wide variety of background screening services for a major retailer for nearly eight years. It hires hundreds of employees annually for several hundred stores and warehouses nationwide where security, shrinkage, and loss prevention have been priority concerns. We schedule random drug screening, provide important driver motor vehicle data, and perform various criminal checks.

Validex has consulted with management on optimal hiring programs. We have customized service delivery for them, help train their HR users, and provide extensive customer service. Every six months, we provide extensive management support as they conduct scheduled employee audits.


This manufacturer is a Fortune 100 company with hundreds of hiring locations. Our business with this client has steadily grown due to our customer service and Best Value consultation with upper management. Validex has been instrumental in helping this customer build a background screening policy and regularly consults with the management team to discuss best practices and review performance metrics. We expect our system integration with this client to occur soon, which will lead to continuous improvement and efficiencies.