Thursday, May 23, 2024
Why Use Validex

5. Individualized Productivity Solutions

Need additional automation beyond the default account at Consult with us to choose from a wide range of customized data-entry forms and add-in tools. The ultimate in streamlined automation is the Validex XML Easy Plug-in for server-to-server integration-for clients with the capability.

6. Leading-edge Technology with a Personal Touch

Every year, we enhance our proprietary software applications. Most of the industry has sacrificed human contact in the drive for automation. We have pursued automation to enhance your screening experience. Not to diminish the role of our service staff, who are readily available to answer your questions. No call center menu with 20 questions here.

7. Proactive Compliance

Our industry experts partner with you to avoid compliance risks. Let our compliance be your compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Stay ahead of the curve on the ever-changing legal landscape.


contactPartner with the Experts - Contact a Validex Account Executive for details on why you should make the switch to Validex today.

Validex has a strong history of serving clients of all sizes–especially large, complex corporations. Validex has partnered with growing companies, supporting their expansion with customized services and solutions during mergers and acquisitions. Validex has been instrumental in developing background screening policies and procedures for Fortune 100 clients, and has developed and introduced custom productivity tools and interfaces to fit our client’s needs. We specialize in FCRA compliance and strategize with our clients to minimize risk and lower costs.

Why use Validex? Here are seven key considerations:

1. Unsurpassed Accuracy

Our proprietary workflow technology enforces hundreds of rules for ensuring the accuracy of your data—from the start of requesting the service to completion of the report. One key quality rule: our systems release the report only after two staff (one being a manager) approve it.

2. Responsive Customer Service

The Customer Service Manager (CSM) assigned to your account is empowered to resolve your questions promptly and usually does so in the first contact. When research is required, the CSM gives you an Estimated Time to Completion and responds in that period. Given the critical nature of our service, we feel that it is paramount that our responses be accurate and authoritative.

3. Competitive Turnaround Times

We utilize technology to automate every service, cutting turnaround times everywhere that does not sacrifice accuracy. Our proprietary software closely monitors the progress of every service, alerting your CSM when a service needs to be escalated.

4. Account Management Expertise

On a daily basis, you deal one-to-one with an experienced CSM, who answers your questions with authority. Our senior management deal with your strategic concerns, bringing to bear their significant experience consulting on solutions in manufacturing, retail, transportation, healthcare, outsourcing, technology, and many other industries. You have immediate access to these experts as your partners.