Monday, July 22, 2024
Switch to Validex
  • For state repositories of court records, we use the Best Possible Source based on the state requirements. Validex has extensive information on these repositories, and our Start-up Team can work with you to identify how they best fit your needs.
  • We rigorously screen prospective Field Agents, and we continuously monitor their performance. We only use the preferred agents.
  • Certain types of data, such as the Social Security number and birth date, must be right from the very beginning to achieve an accurate report with a quick turnaround time. Therefore, our data-entry forms employ confirmation fields and checks for common errors to reduce the risk of typing mistakes.
  • qualifies the completeness of data (Q Status) in your request before allowing our staff to begin your services. The system also automatically checks for some common data-entry mistakes.
  • Validex staff performs dual verifications of investigative data: One person enters the data; someone else signs off on it.
  • The system requires our staff to compare all investigative records to the data supplied by your applicant. Nothing can get into a report without that comparison.
  • prevents your reports from being issued until all items in your request have answers that are entered. No report containing blanks can go out.
  • The system’s Call Manager automatically balances workload of investigative calls. This ensures that all requests get proper attention.

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Being on target is critical in employment screening where a missed criminal record can be a costly mistake. Achieving accuracy consistently in screening requires far more commitment than just paying attention to detail. It requires voluminous written standards, staff training, and specialized data systems. That is why Validex developed our proprietary software systems in-house after rejecting the off-the-shelf applications available to industry vendors.

The Validex Commitment

  • We provide both felonies and misdemeanors (where available) with our criminal histories. Misdemeanors can be vital information, which you get at no additional cost.
  • For our county court checks, Validex always uses the Best Possible Source, researching every source before we use it. For a County Criminal History, our Field Agents, nationwide, traditionally have gone in person to the courthouse to retrieve records. In an increasing number of counties, we are now retrieving records via Web or dial-up access. This speeds our turnaround times, but accuracy is always the priority. We use whatever method is shown by our research to be the most accurate.