Sunday, April 21, 2024
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5. Some of our service-specific management solutions:

MVR Manager completely automates the processing of scheduled audits of driving records. Screening hundreds of drivers at once is little more effort than clicking a button.

MVR Manager

Adjudication Manager
Adjudication Manager automates the scoring of criminal and driving records. Now, it is practical to score all applicants and prove that you are doing so consistently and fairly.
The Validex Applicant Link (VAL) saves your HR staff time by letting your applicants enter their personal data.
Valadex Applicant Link

6. The Validex XML Easy Plug-in provides the ultimate in productivity for your HR staff by streamlining the implementation of server-to-server integration. This is an option for clients with XML-aware HR solutions.

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With Validex, you have a wide range of automation tools, forms, and solutions that you can add to your account. We will consult with you to customize these to fit your unique needs.

  1. In the early days of the screening service evolution, faxing records was seen as a major step forward. Today, it is viewed as a low-productivity choice. Nevertheless, employers occasionally have situations where they have no other choice, so we support it for limited situations.
  2. The Web interface at is the default interface for most accounts. Designed with input from many clients, it is widely praised for its ease of use. Most new users learn it in the first day.
  3. We go a step further and give you many options for customizing the user data-entry forms, email alerts, security, and reporting groups. In some cases, we can customize the data-entry forms to save you time and effort.
  4. We give you many options to submit or receive data via FTP transfers. You pick the file format that meets your needs.