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Compliance Services and Support


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Our relationship with our clients is founded on our compliance programs. Through our Compliance Services & Support programs we make it easy for you to:

  • Maintain a hiring program that complies with all relevant laws on employment screening. Our Proactive Compliance programs impact the entire hiring cycle. Our Adverse Action Letters service ensures that a decision not to hire is handled compliantly.
  • Achieve consistent compliance with your company employment standards.
    • We can consult with you to devise service packages that enforce your screening standards companywide. Then we can partner with you on defining sensible programs for periodic drug testing and automated audits of criminal histories and driving records.
    • You can rest assured that all your locations are adhering to your rules. We provide you with customized management reports that verify the compliance.

Some key values that we add to our service delivery:

  • Best Value Analysis.  We consult with you whenever you need this service: in the sales cycle or anytime you need to review your program. Many employers are seeking the analysis of service options, such as a particular state’s criminal history report. However, other employers value the analysis of how they can achieve better compliance with internal hiring policies or with government regulations.
  • Individualized Customer Service. Establishing solid compliance programs–internal and external–require attention to detail that can seem tedious and far removed from the core responsibilities of your staff. The Customer Service Manager dedicated to your account is always available to help you enhance your compliance program–such as helping you create customized processes.

We are actively involved in national programs to create Best Practice recommendations for complying with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and related laws. Validex staff receives regular training to keep abreast of the latest requirements - your CSM can speak to you with authority on FCRA compliance.

contactPartner with the Experts - Contact a Validex Account Executive for details of how our complete range of services can add value to your hiring program. Ask for our Best Value Analysis, tailored to your organization.