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Adverse Action Letters

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The Validex Adverse Action Letters service helps you reduce your litigation risks while eliminating significant labor and hassles of complying with federal law. This service addresses the federal law that requires employers to give applicants the opportunity to dispute background screening reports that are grounds for not hiring.

Our Adverse Action Letters service provides an automated system that ensures that the right applicant gets the right letter at the right time. The employer’s labor is little more than clicking a button.

Features and Benefits

  • Frees up your Human Resources staff from the time and labor of conducting a dispute process.
  • Reduces your costs when compared to the labor that your HR staff would expend to create and mail the Adverse Action letters and answering calls.
  • Provides standardized letters that were created by lawyers who specialize in the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Federal Trade Commission regulations, and other relevant rules.
  • Boosts the reliability of the dispute system by largely automating the process of ensuring that the letters go to the right applicant and that the correct background screening report is included. And that this happens in the right part of the process.
  • Ensures that an applicant has an opportunity to dispute, in a timely manner, any information in the screening reports. This is essential to achieving compliance with the law.
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