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County Criminal History

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County Criminal ServicesMaintaining workplace security begins with checking the county courts to determine whether your applicant has a criminal record. This check is a cornerstone of employment screening, demonstrating your due diligence in the hiring cycle.

Validex always uses the Best Possible Source, researching every source before we use it. For a County Criminal History, our Field Agents, nationwide, traditionally have gone in person to the courthouse to retrieve records. In an increasing number of counties, we are now retrieving records via Web or dial-up access. This speeds our turnaround times, but accuracy is always the priority. We use whatever method is shown by our research to be the most accurate.

Features and Benefits

  • Accurate. We regularly research the access method that currently provides the best data. Accuracy is always paramount ahead of turnaround time considerations.
  • Complete. We include both felonies and misdemeanors. Misdemeanors can be vital information, which you get (where available) at no additional cost.
  • Service. Your Customer Service Manager can explain the legal terms and police jargon to you so you can effectively apply the record to your hiring decisions. A phrase like “nolo contendere” in the court record should not stymie your hiring.

Broadening the Search Methodically

Sometimes, checking just one county is not sufficiently thorough. You may be hiring for a sensitive job or needing to meet a clientís strict policy on workplace safety. For such a case, Validex offers several methodical approaches to seeking out criminal histories in counties where you might not think to check.

We can help you design a policy where you use the Former Residence Trace or the National Offenders Watch to build a matrix of pointers to counties that merit checking, and Validex runs a County Criminal History in these locations. The result is that the counties checked are those most likely to turn up criminal records.

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