Monday, July 22, 2024
Industry Pioneer & Best Practices Expert

Our Quality Innovations

We have developed our proprietary workflow systems to enable us to quickly customize to fit unique client needs. The Validex Maximum Possible Accuracy standard represents our long-term program to define and deliver best practices. We implement this standard with numerous human and software Quality Controls that monitor all the data we collect.

The Validex Applicant Link (VAL), MVR Manager and Adjudication Manager all are custom-developed solutions for your compliance and productivity needs. These are a few of many custom solutions we offer. For example, the Validex XML Easy Plug-in enables us to quickly integrate with XML-aware HR systems.

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Years of Experience, Innovation

Validex, an industry pioneer and best practices expert, delivers the employment screening services that our clients trust to help them make the best hiring decisions.

Validex has been growing its solutions since the industry’s early days of paper-based services. We began developing our proprietary workflow systems and the users’ Web-based accounts at the cutting edge of the industry’s adoption of Internet technologies. Our early focus on technology, accuracy, and customer service positioned us to grow to be a nationwide provider.

Today, Validex is an innovator in the industry, partnering with our clients to make optimal use of technology while preserving individualized customer service. Through product innovation, our solutions provide hiring compliance and confidence.

Our Clients

Validex serves a wide range of employers, from Fortune 100 corporations to mid-size firms. Their businesses span all major industries - and we conduct their screenings coast to coast. We provide enterprise-wide solutions for market leaders in these industries:

  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Retailing
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Direct marketing