Monday, June 24, 2024
International Checks


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With the globalization of American companies, employers must begin to obtain background checks worldwide. Whether it be with foreign workers who are moving here for jobs, American students who are studying abroad, or American employers that are expanding foreign operations, the Validex suite of International Checks can assist with your background screening needs.

Your hiring program is bound to become more diverse, geographically and culturally. Validex can meet your needs whether you are expanding internationally or occasionally hiring a foreign worker for your domestic operations.

Investigative calls, such as Employment Verifications, are handled by our staff. International record investigations are handled by our strategic partner, which is a United States-based firm that keeps us updated on the ever-changing climate of international records retrieval. This approach enables us to partner with an expert in the international field.

International screening encounters many barriers such as language, inconsistent record keeping, and laws that enforce secrecy or privacy rights. Validex meets these challenges while remaining mindful of the requirements of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA):

  • Strict Procedures. The public records that are accessed vary in quality far more than do domestic records. Nevertheless, our strategic partner uses the best possible access so that your reports are as complete as possible. Similarly, our investigative calls follow our normal high standards.
  • Maximum Possible Accuracy (MPA). Our strategic partner applies its expertise to obtain the most relevant, complete, and up-to-date records possible.
  • Best Possible Source. Our strategic partner uses the best possible access so that your reports are as complete as possible. Our investigative calls follow our normal high standards.
  • Best Value Analysis. In the climate of political change worldwide, what was a valuable records repository a year ago may not be a good value today. Our strategic partner's track record of researching its sources ensures that you are receiving meaningful reports. As needed, we can prepare an analysis for you on the availability of records in each country.
  • Individualized Customer Service. Your Customer Service Manager is available to consult with you about this topic.
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