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Education Verification

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An applicant’s education often weighs heavily on whether he or she is qualified for the job as well as on the starting pay. Confirming the education history can be a challenge, given that this history may go back many years and contact information may change.

Education VerificationApplicants often exaggerate their educational achievements: Approximately 25% of applicants screened by Validex have exaggerated or falsified their education history. Determining when you have such an applicant is a compelling reason to use this service.

Validex provides many combinations of Education Verifications. Most common is a verification of the highest degree received. We contact the educational institution or a designated vendor and verify enrollment dates and confirm the degree received.

Additionally, we can request transcripts to give you a detailed profile of the candidate’s academic record.

Features and Benefits

  • Flexible to meet your needs. You can specify that we report a range of details about degrees earned.
  • Addresses a common source of applicant misrepresentation.
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