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Professional License &
Certification Verification

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A professional license or certification is crucial to qualifying for many types of jobs–just like attaining certain levels of education. These jobs may be regulated by state law that regulates licensing and certification.

Licensing claims are a typical source of resume fraud, so screening these claims can significantly reduce your risks and enhance your chance of hiring successfully.

This service verifies the type of license; whether it is currently valid, the date when issued, the state where it was issued; and the licensing authority.

Fields that use this service frequently include: healthcare, engineering, finance, education, social work, some retail, or occupations that make house calls.

Features and Benefits

  • Experienced Validex researchers can quickly verify the current status of professional licenses held by specialized employees
  • The service reduces the risk of negligent hiring claims.
  • Both license expiration dates and any board actions can be obtained.
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