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Best Value Analysis

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Validex will work with you to determine the best suite of background screening services that fit your organization’s goals and initiatives. This includes developing an initial screening policy or reviewing and optimizing your existing policy for the best value, results and protection from risk. We have designed a comprehensive checklist to ensure that all factors with regards to employment with your organization are considered.  Some of the factors include: Integrity Assessment, Identity, Employment Eligibility, Criminal Activity, Financial Integrity, Work and Education History, Driving History, and Drug Usage.

Information varies by state; therefore, we work with you to determine the best value of services that apply to your organization’s geographic scope and requirements. The goal of the Best Value Analysis is to build a framework that leads to developing a successful and FCRA compliant background screening policy.

Please contact a Validex Account Executive to arrange for a customized Best Value Analysis for your organization.

contactPartner with the Experts - Contact a Validex Account Executive for arrange for a Best Value Analysis of your screening program and how we can add value to your hiring program.