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National Offenders Watch

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National Offenders Watch (NOW) quickly searches criminal history databases that span most of the nation. It’s a quick, easy tool for raising the thoroughness of your investigation in a cost-effective manner.

If your applicant omits criminal history or other personal data from the job application, you may be unaware of locations where criminal records may exist. NOW turns up pointers to these locations, which merit further investigation.

This service can be a particularly good fit if your hiring pool is transient or tends to have no established residences.

National Offenders Watch

Features and Benefits

  • Validex partners with the industry's largest privately held criminal records database. Our collection of criminal data includes state, multi-state, county, sex offender, and US and foreign sanction/watch list data. The depth and breadth of data is just one of the reasons NOW is a superior source.
  • Criminal data sources typically include:
    • Proprietary Offender Data (POD)
    • Department of Corrections (DOC)
    • Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC)–(dated back seven years)
    • Department of Public Safety (DPS)
    • Traffic Courts
    • Multi-State Sex Offender Database
    • AppALERT for global watch lists.
  • Accesses more than 133 million records spanning 37 states and the District of Columbia.
  • Identifies counties and states where you might not think to request services.
  • May find records older than the seven-year range reported by most county courthouses, particularly in some states.
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