Monday, June 24, 2024
Switch to Validex

Our senior management has many years of experience, joining Validex in the early years of the industry transition to computerization and Web access. They are readily accessible and regularly provide free consultation on strategic solutions, risk management, Best Value options in selecting service packages, HRIS integration, accuracy, and compliance issues.

Our Manager of Technical Operations has been active in the founding of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners. We have served at different levels on the NAPBS Best Practices Committee, collaborating on policy, procedure, and compliance for the industry.

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On a daily basis, you deal one-to-one with an experienced CSM, who answers your questions with authority. Our senior management deal with your strategic concerns, bringing to bear their significant experience consulting on solutions in manufacturing, retail, transportation, healthcare, outsourcing, technology, and many other industries. You have immediate access to these experts as your partners.

We consider this to be a core distinction of Validex: When you call us, you never speak to someone who is learning on the job. Your first contact is your Customer Service Manager (CSM), who has at least three years of screening experience before we begin training him/her for the role. Today, most CSM’s have over five years experience.

Our CSM’s all have been trained in the FCRA, state laws, our lengthy Maximum Possible Accuracy standards, the intricacies of our proprietary workflow technology and, of course, the Web accounts where users request services and receive reports. Finally, most accounts have the same CSM’s for years, so they get to know the employer service screening expectations. This supports smooth, effective communications.