Thursday, May 23, 2024
Switch to Validex

We are constantly searching for and finding new ways for technology to drive down our turnaround service times. Over the years, our staff minutes-per-service has reduced dramatically. Our ever-expanding use of XML Automation is enabling us to connect our servers directly to the servers of data repositories and vendors for highly automated transactions. For example, collecting Motor Vehicle Records used to take several days in some states, but now is nearly instantaneous in most cases. Because we cannot start a screening until we have received all of the applicant’s information, our Web site informs you of the needed information. Also, we provide an “auto source” service that allows us to contact the applicant and other sources to get the needed information.

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We understand that your time is valuable, and we commit to a turnaround time and deliver with a 93% - 99% success rate. We have achieved this with a combination of custom technology and careful selection of Field Agents and Customer Service Managers. Our proprietary software has enabled us to closely monitor the progress of every service and to alert your CSM when a service needs to be escalated to meet the deadline. The systems help balance the workloads of staff making investigative phone calls, and other software flags information missing from records.