Sunday, December 3, 2023
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Welcome to and thank you for your interest in previewing Validex background screening services! As a visitor to our Web site, you will find helpful information about Validex, detailed information about our services and information about our approach to helping you develop and maintain the best strategy for your organizationís approach to background screening.

Validex has developed proprietary software and human approaches to manage your background screening and maintain superior compliance. The best value for you is to contact a Validex Account Executive, who can create a Best Value Analysis for your screening needs, focused on customizing services to your business. If you wish you may preview some of our services through our demo. As a Visitor to our site, please register with (to the right) by completing our "Demo Log In" process.

Once you have obtained a Login Name and Password, feel free to try out the Validex services demonstration. If you have any questions or would like information about how Validex can add value to your screening program, click here to contact a Validex Account Executive.

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